Freelance data (warehouse) architect

IT expert with a thorough understanding of computer science, and a solid experience in relating this to non-technical customers. Main focus: business intelligence and knowledge management. Secondary focus: software architecture for both business intelligence and transactional systems. Key people: Linstedt (DataVault), Kimball, Inmon, Codd and Date for modelling (also Anchor Modeling). Zachman et al for architecture. Specialties: Information analysis, content and knowledge management, architecture for transactional applications and business intelligence applications, database modelling.


Grundsätzlich IT B.V.

Principal Consultant

1-2008 tot heden
As of April 2008 I am self-employed as the owner (and sole employee) of my own IT company. If you need an IT Architect for business intelligence solutions (from information analysis to ETL/ELT and reporting), please contact me. Grundsätzlich IT has a proven trackrecord in delivering working reporting solutions, either starting from a green field situation or adding to an already existing infrastructure. I also have a great deal of experience and training in building transactional (webbased) systems, but this is not currently the focus of this company.

BI United


1-2019 tot heden

DIKW Consulting

Data Vault Architect and Associate Partner

10-2011 tot heden
Working with DIKW to bring DataVault modeling to more companies, as an affordable, easier to automate and less brittle alternative to Kimball/Inmon models